Fine Jewels!

What for you is the key feature of a successful jewel?

I think a successful jewel is about the joy of wearing it every day. It is the most important thing for me. In the history of fine jewellery, women have cherished  their jewels as an heirloom for the next generation but don't wear them that often. For me, a jewel is a success if you can wear it every day in different circumstances from a cocktail party, a dinner or a gala but also during the day and the week-end. 

What makes a design, be it fashion or jewels, avant-garde?

Avant-garde to me is sense of rebelliousness. It is taking the balance out of something and twisting it like the approach of the Step line. I have done other collections for Tasaki one being called the Rebellion line which could be seen as avant-garde. I have done a stud, for example, where I have hidden the diamond at the back of the lobe when traditionally this precious stone is in full view.